36w 600×600 (352 x smd3014) LED Ceiling Panel 4000k


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          – 36w Panel has 352 x 3014 SMD LED’s           

– 30,000 Hr + Lifespan    

– 150-200w Incandescent equivalent

– 120° Beam

– Even LED distribution – No dark spots

– 3000-4000 Lumen output 

– Neutral White  4000 – 4100K


  • Our super efficient energy saving SMD LED Ceiling Panel Light is suitable for Home, Office or Warehouse use.
  • Special circuit design allows each group of evenly distributed LED’s to operate separately, avoiding any failure due to one faulty LED.
  • The Panel gives of no UV radiation and is very easy to install in existing or new recessed ceiling grids, it can be wall mounted or even decoratively hung.
  • Very low heat, and LED technology makes these panels super energy efficient and extremely cheap to operate, if replacing out of date halogen or strip lighting the energy bill savings can be noticed almost instantly.
  • They have a nice, neutral 4000k light that is easy on the eye, and a pleasure to work under, no flicker and instant starting. 
  • Newly designed power packs/drivers included with each panel ensure the economic and smooth running of the units.
  • They are around 90% more energy efficient than halogen system on a watt for watt basis!  BUT this does not compromise on light output, longevity or quality.
  • These panels will pay for themselves very quickly and many times over.
  • Discounts are available by selecting more panels under our “Pack of” drop down menu above.
  • 3 year warranty!

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