Silencer / Muffler – 6″ 150mm


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Hydroponic Fan Silencer – Muffler

6″ Diameter x 26″

– Reduce noise

– Reduce Vibration

– Strong Construction

– Does not wear out

– Easy to mount

– Highly Effective and efficient

– Next day delivery


This Ducting Silencer is the latest design supplied by us at Green Lamp.

A Duct Muffler is the ideal solution for cutting down on the excess  noise produced from an Inline Fan.  This pre-assembled unit is  constructed of heavy duty steel and features specially designed Open  Cell Convoluted Foam. Open Cell Convoluted Foam or “egg crate” foam is  the same foam used in most professional recording studios to reduce the  amplitude of excess sound waves. Featuring a 6″ flange on both ends, this muffler can reduce the  noise output of the inline fan by up to 25 decibels. Both moisture resistant and lightweight.        

Manufactured with high performance parts your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Your package will include:

1 x 6″ Silencer

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