180W Mixed Spectrum LED Board


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180 Watt LED Grow Panel

Red(660nm) / Red(630nm) / Blue(455nm) / Orange(610nm) / Yellow (585nm) / White (6500k)

  5:1:2:1:1:1 ratio

This grow panel is designed to cover 0.66 sq. mt. (110cm x 60cm) at a  distance of 15-45cm from the plant and up to 1.60 sq. mt. (160cm x 100cm) at a distance of 150cm from the plant. This product can be used in multiples for any grow area for outstanding yields. This unit has 6 bands (6 wavelengths of light) and uses ultra powerful 3W LED chips for the ultimate in penetration and light spectrum coverage for maximum possible results in a single low power consumption, low heat output package.



60 x 3W LED’s 

Average actual power consumption = 130w

6 band (RED: 660, 630nm, BLUE: 455nm, Orange: 610nm, Yellow: 585nm, White 7000K)

Comparable to 400-500w HPS/HID

No Ballast Required

Lifespan = 80’000 Hours

6000 Lumens

85-265 Volts

Total Weight: 3.5kg

Protected by styrofoam packing

CE & ROHS Certified

1 Year Warranty


Supplied with: 

Hanging Kit

1.8m IEC Power Lead with UK plug



Length = 400mm

Width = 210mm

Height = 70mm

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